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The RI Ready program is a statewide industrial site readiness initiative designed to prepare sites to achieve pre-permitted status. This program will provide access to an array of “wrap around” services designed to create an inventory of pre-permitted properties ready for industrial development throughout the State.

With the support of their host city or town, representatives of eligible projects will work with state agencies and other regulators to become “RI READY”. State investment will be recaptured to the extent possible to make the initiative self-sustaining and extend the life of RI Ready funds.

Our Lead Agency:

The RI READY program leverages the Quonset Development Corporation (QDC), a quasi-state agency and a “Special Purpose” subsidiary of R.I. Commerce, as our lead agency. Learn more about QDC by clicking below.

Is your site eligible to participate in RI READY?

Types of eligible sites:

Sites that will allow for upgraded or improved infrastructure in support of an industrial use.

Sites that will allow an existing industrial use or facility to expand significantly.

Sites that are approximately 10 acres in size (or are capable of supporting an approximately 100,000 square foot building) and are:

  • Zoned for industrial or off-shore wind support uses
  • Are within one mile of a designated State Highway.

Process Overview:


Administration and management of RI READY will be performed by Quonset Development Corporation staff. All decision-making authority rests with the Quonset Development Corporation Board of Directors.


PATHWAY TO GREEN will be the model for RI READY, with each step on the pathway is represented by the colors RED, ORANGE, YELLOW, and GREEN. Each application will begin in the RED step on the Pathway and will be evaluated for Program enrollment. GREEN indicates the site is pre-permitted, fully engineered and ready to accommodate or support industrial or offshore wind business activity. 


Recommendations to the Quonset Development Corporation Board on Project enrollment will be based on compliance with the requirements in state law, supported by site information and input from municipal officials.


Wrap-around services will be provided by State agencies to projects that are enrolled in RI READY. Services may include providing workforce development, expedited permit review, identification of state agency liaisons and facilitating discussions regarding economic incentives. (Note: Neither RI Ready nor the QDC has the power under state law to expedite permits or authorize economic incentives.)


RHODE ISLAND BENEFITS AGREEMENT: Investments may be made with RI Ready funds to physically improve a site or off-site infrastructure to support industrial development. The QDC and the site sponsors will enter into a RHODE ISLAND BENEFITS AGREEMENT designed to maximize the benefits of the State investment.

Pathway to GREEN

At-a-Glance: Some of the many services facilitated by the RI READY Program.



  • Phase I Environmental Assessment
  • Wetland Review
  • Utility research for availability of water, sewer, gas, electric and telecommunications
  • Title research

Technical Assistance

  • Full-site engineering, permitting and cost estimates
  • Community impact, traffic analysis
  • Zoning and land use consistency analysis
  • Off-site engineering for utilities, traffic, etc.

Capital Investment

  • On-site improvements
  • Off-site improvements
  • Upgrades to community facilities and services
  • Site acquisition

Wrap-Around Services

  • Economic incentives
  • Workforce Development
  • Building permit assistance
  • Energy savings advice and rebates
  • Transit solutions
  • Marketing Solutions

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Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.